Tuesday, November 07, 2006

I Got Your Democracy Right Here, Tough Guy.

On my eighteenth birthday I was abruptly woken from a nap by my mother. She was hell-bent on registering her son to vote. She spouted things about "civic duty" and "democratic rights". I didn't even have time to gain my bearings before she had me in the car with the doors locked.

I was less than enthusiastic about it at the time, but now I'm all over democracy. Today I voted (pictured right) and felt great about it. Almost like a burden was lifted. I also had the privilege of feeling holier-than-thou among people I expected hadn't exercised their rights.

After voting for a better future for my children, I called my friend Buford to wish him a happy anniversary. Our anniversary. In 2004, we struck up a conversation in line while waiting to vote. Looking at all the conservative folks waiting with us, we guessed we were voting differently than them.

Buford and his wife Mindy welcomed me into their circle in Midland, Michigan and made life in a difficult town rewarding. They improved the quality of my life by 51%.

If that's not enough motivation to vote, I don't know what is.

Go vote!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

happy anniversary, bro. i'm ok with the level of gayness with this. for sure.

7:57 PM  
Blogger Amy said...

And to think I nearly didn't get to vote yesterday - in "difficult" Midland of all places. This surely would have put me to shame! Happy two year anniversary -- I think you're supposed to exchange gifts of cotton or something in honor of the day.

10:41 AM  

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