Thursday, November 02, 2006

Me and my 5D

Me and my 5D spent our day off together. I'm still trying to make since of this little black box of joy. We still have a lot to learn about each other. But, we got ourselves into all kinds of trouble today. . .

Me and my 5D make a turkey sandwich.

Then me and my 5D get some exercise with the dogs. The dogs love my 5D.

Later 5D and I make carrot and apple soup. My 5D doesn't eat meat.

Five-D and I frolic in the yard. Five-D, you're so silly.

Me and my 5D watch the day's last death throes.

Me and my 5D hold the flash light for Jen while she finds leafy greens for our salad.

Later me and 5D snuggle up by the fire with Shiloh.

Jen decided this was the last salad from her garden for the year. She had quite a run. Me and 5D were glad to share the occasion with her.


Blogger nancy said...

hilarious! keep entertaining us with your 5D have to come use your 5D in Mexico City sometime

1:42 PM  

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