Sunday, November 05, 2006


Aside from t-ball and little league soccer, I never played any organized sports. I can trace it all back to one bad decision I made at the age of nine: My mom was trying to get me to join the swim team, and I wouldn't do it for the single reason that I didn't want to wear a Speedo. Joining the team appealed to me, but I was a slight porker at that time and thought I was sparing myself humiliation. I still feel like an asshole for this decision I made when I was nine.

I never recovered from it. I did drama in high school.

Once I started shooting sports for newspapers, I realized what I missed out on. I enjoy shooting championship sporting assignments as much as anything else these days. Emotion is bountiful at these events. And even the sports action pictures are fun.

Tonight, neighboring towns Lebanon and Hanover competed for the state championship. They finished two overtimes before going home scoreless. I found it terribly anti-climatic, but they will resume on Wednesday to decide a winner. Unfortunately it doesn't fall within my schedule.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey channing! if you want to swim in speedos do! if you want to take up a sport go for it! i just took up surfing and I'm shocking and wetsuits not so attractive....but hey its abit of craic and fun!
Marie :-)

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