Friday, November 03, 2006

What Fools These Mortals Be

The dogs and I watched Solyaris (1972) this morning. I watched the movie with commentary before I watched it without.

Will this hinder me from enjoying it as it was meant? Or, will this help me connect with it more than a single, traditional viewing might? My thoughts were this: the second time I can relax and follow the narrative more effortlessly, and therefore appreciate the complexity of this dense science-fiction film. No? I also want to watch it at night to maximize the creepiness.

The couple I live with find my matinees decadent. Barbara jokes that it conflicts with her protestant upbringing. But, I love watching movies during the day. Watching them at night is nice too. I don't discriminate. 'Decadent' might be an appropriate description after all for daytime movie-watching. The experience is such a rarity that it feels so good to do when you get the chance.

On a side note: I made chocolate chip cookies yesterday. And that's all I've eaten so far today.


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