Friday, November 03, 2006

Give Us Lord Our Daily Bread

Many people might tell you I'm frugal. I hope they wouldn't say cheap, but there's only so much I can deny.

However, months ago I made a commitment to spend whatever it takes to eat fresh, regionally, if not locally-made, breads. This effort has improved the quality of my life by 15 percent.

La Panciata, made in Northfield Falls, Vermont and delivered on Thursdays to Coburn's General Store here in the village, is my go-to-loaf. On occasion I may stop at Umpleby's Bakery when I am in Bridgewater.

I had met Charles Umpleby earlier this year on an assignment, so when I have gone in the past, we chat briefly before I leave with sandwich bread I have the pleasure of slicing myself. There's something very rewarding about knowing the people who prepare your food.

I'll stop now before I mimic the nauseating effects of Lynne Rossetto Kasper. . . even though I do like the show.

I took this picture of a recent La Panciata delivery today at the store when I went to get the mail.


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