Monday, November 06, 2006


The Dartmouth College girls' soccer team had a rude-awakening today as they gathered to see who they would play on Friday in the NCAA tournament. It turns out they will play no one.

As a complete surprise to everyone gathered around a TV at the Collis Center, the mood quickly went from joyful anticipation to the depths of disappointment. Following a successful season (12-4-1), it was painful to see teams they had beat this season placed in the tournament while they were left out. Apparently the computer system used to rank the 300 teams wasn't in their favor this year.

Just tears and silence were present after the ESPN bracket announcement. The coaches had nothing to tell their players because the possibility barely crossed their minds. What do you say anyway? It's one thing to have your season end fighting your hardest on the field. It's a completely different experience ending your career (for those seniors) in front of a TV screen; especially when you are ranked the #2 team in the Northeast.


Blogger Megan said...

Dear Channing,

This is an excerpt in email from my friend Charlie, who apparently has a deep hatred of your name:

"I'm afraid that Channing has just been tried and found guilty of crimes against sensible first names. Your right about the photography-the plaintiff is indeed very talented and I had almost made up my mind to forgive her. Until I found out she is a he! Channing is a frankly unforgivable name for a man and its no good trying to confuse the issue by calling him 'ChaRn' -which is almost impossible to pronounce. As far as I can see there are only a couple of ways to rectify the situation:

1) written apology to me and renaming of blog.

Ps he REALLY is a good photographer"

Apparently, you're starting to gain fans! Hope you're well!

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Blogger Kevin said...

nice story, channing. nice image, too.

3:36 PM  

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