Sunday, November 05, 2006

Lunar Eclipse of the Heart

Tonight was a fullish-moon, and their was a weird vibe in the air at Jen's house.

Here is the moon that messed up the balance of everything.

Peter had alien-themed wine when he walked in the door. He also brought over a NY Times article about Second Life. I think we are losing him.

This isn't some sort of alien landing or probe or anything. It's just Jen picking cilantro while Peter holds the flashlight.


This is where things get freaky. Peter fell asleep during Solyaris (1972) and Jen started placing things on him. At first it was innocent enough, but then Jen wanted to test his threshold. When he finally broke from his slumber he looked at the clay-mation icon by his side. "Gumby," Peter said. "Did you have a part in this?"

Jen even put a bright light on his shoulder, and he didn't respond. Nothing.

I'll close with some Lynndie England-type shit. For the record, I just documented, I didn't contribute.


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