Friday, November 03, 2006

On The Clock

There's a project I've been working on for the past six months that needs a little love. After warming over some carrot and apple soup, I'm leaving the warmth of the fire and the comforts of home to spend the second half of my day off getting some work done.

The project is about a subsidized apartment complex that is easy for people down on their luck to get into but much harder to get out of. The physical structure, which was beautiful in its day, is now in need of repairs. Many of the residents feel more could be done to the building, and they also feel more could be done about the drug problems. Some parents don't feel safe letting their children play outside.

Although people know me around the building, I've yet to make any meaningful pictures of the residents. Even though many are skeptical to open up to us, the reporter and I have loosely narrowed down the three or four people we will likely focus on. But, until now I've only spent a few hours at a time down there, talking to people and occasionally snapping some frames. Tonight I'm going to spend an evening at 'The Block' in hopes of catching up for some lost time.

I'm going to take some cookies for the road.


Blogger Jesse Osbourne said...

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4:47 PM  
Blogger Jesse Osbourne said...

hey man.

i'm the current intern over at MDN. r wood turned me onto your blog party. it's hoppin'.

great stuff man. great stuff. freakin' hilarious.

also, wondering if i could somehow get my hands on an apple and carrot soup recipe? i would probably trade my soul for it.

thanks man.

4:48 PM  

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