Monday, February 12, 2007

Sledding Party

Clara gives me the skunk-eye as Jen prepares to cook a turkey-in-a-bucket at her sledding party yesterday.

Shiloh is the first up the hill. He didn't sled as much as chase sledders.

Jen prepares hot chocolate for us to take on our trek.

Pre-bucket turkey.

Gathering at the house before feasting on our potluck. Everybody kept talking about how well all the dishes complimented one another. No redundancies. What are the chances?

Geoff and Emma make their way to the sledding hill.

James throwing caution to the wind.

This isn't Peter's kid. It's Ethan. But I think he got Peter to thinking.


Blogger Nancy said...

wow i forgot it was still winter until i saw your amazing pics of snow. it's 75 degrees in Mexico City! Oh, channing check out my new

3:00 PM  
Blogger Zemra said...

I think Peter's father instincs are calling :). Ethan is a beuatifuuuuuul child. Dafina

4:15 PM  

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