Thursday, August 02, 2007


Almost three years ago I lied to Ryan when I told him I was going to be driving the 10 hours to Midland to visit some friends. I didn't want to look desperate. If he hadn't agreed to see me I don't know where my photography career would be. My portfolio at the time sure wasn't going to get me a job. But Ryan took a risk on me. I'm lucky to have called this man my boss.

Here is Ryan with his rally cap just after the Great Lakes Loons lost tonight.


Blogger RockStar said...

I remember Ryan telling me this intern guy was driving 10 hours here, and I remember thinking 'damn, that's crazy'. I think I remember being skeptical that you were "coming to visit friends". Little did he know how wonderful old Chandler would be. Welcome back Channing...nice to have you back in the chemical city!

10:45 PM  

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