Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Yashica 635

James walked into Jen's on Sunday night with knitted mittens, a heirloom hunting cap, bean salad and his Yashica 635 medium-format camera.

I'm very envious of this light box. One day I too hope to have a medium-format camera. However, we talked about the obstacles this machine poses for the photo blogger. The Yashica cares not for your instant gratification. It makes you wait, for better or worse. Probably better.

And as James pointed out, the process of film picture-taking, sans motor drive, is a satisfying one. The way the process forces you to think more.

Fifty-percent of good pictures comes from good editing in my mind. So, I don't fear the motor drive. But, I like anything that shakes up the way I operate.


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