Saturday, October 21, 2006

Wedding Day Eve

Although wedding rehearsals are often stressful, Sara's and Dave's wasn't nearly as tense as this picture suggests. But, Sara did start crying when she practiced her vows, and I think my dad, who is performing the wedding, was nervous about everything going well.

And more importantly, I realized the light isn't quite as bad as I thought in this wood-walled room.

The real drama came when my grandmother fell down a spiral staircase on my watch. It was absolutely terrifying because I couldn't quite get their fast enough. Miraculously she was ok except for a badly swollen hand which is doing better today. Hopeful the drama will be at a minimum today. Grandma and I hold hands when we walk now.


Anonymous Lauren G. said...

For some reason I started laughing when you got to "The real drama..."
Does that make me a bad person?

9:17 PM  

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